Thank you for contributing to the College's work in Adult Education in the North. Having worked with you and listened to accounts of the "Retail Supermarket Merchandising Training Program" you designed and delivered, I am certain that the students benefited immensely from a facilitator who went "above and beyond" many times. Your work in Yellowknife and Rae was distinguished by a thoroughness and commitment to excellence that students would do well to emulate.

Carlos Gonzalez
SR Instructor/Coordinator
Tourism Programs
Aurora College

Thank you for the dedication and commitment that you brought to the commission

Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review

You were an excellent President of the Chamber of Commerce and through your endeavors, given our community a much higher profile, not only in the region but in the Province of Alberta.

City of Fort Saskatchewan

Earlier this year I had the good fortune to attend a course entitled "Preparing a Business Plan - A Framework for Entrepreneurs," which was prepared and taught by Wilfred Barranoik. I found the course and materials provided to be of great interest and benefit, and I continue to review the printed materials on a regular basis as I proceed through my own career as a home-based businessperson. I would not hesitate to recommend Wilfred and his consulting company to you.

Janet M. Riopel President,
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for all your support, assistance and patience in helping me create my business plan. The knowledge you shared and your expertise has given me a solid beginning along with the confidence to keep going in the direction I have chosen. Your constant communication was and is appreciated immensely.

Beth Langlois
BAL Marketing Choices

Excellent Framework and business development tool for small and medium sized business planning.

J.J. (Joe) Gaglione
Remax Real Estate, Central Branch

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